Urban Vet Care - MALPRACTICE! INCOMPETANT! Persian Nearly Died!!!!

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WORST VET EVER! Brought my 2 Persians in. My female was ill from flea allergy. Our prior Vet had her on Assurity and its only drug that works

$600 for blood/urine tests, Assurity flea topical and Prednisone. Was told i would get test results & Assurity (they had to order) in 2 days. When home i realized they gave me only 4 Prednisone. not enough.

A week later after no call from them, I went in, no Assurity, no results. They told me I had to order Assurity myself. Meanwhile, my female has sores all over her body due to allergy and losing weight.

4 days later the doctor calls with results, my male has hyperthyroid. I pickup that med. Was $20 short. He had reaction to the drug. I called and voicemail. Then I start getting 3-4 calls a day about their $20

They didnt ask about the drug interaction, offer a refund...nothing.

So after taking him to new Vet for $200 and no hyperthyroid, Assurity online for $100, more Prednisone. $1000 for a yearly exam that usually runs $400.

These people care about one thing MONEY! They are rude, alouff, and Incompetent. THIS IS MALPRACTICE!! and CRIMINAL!! My female is still recovering! And new Vet said the thyroid med almost killed my male persian

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